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Mask Network receives Arbitrum DAO airdrop


Mask Network is thrilled and honored to receive 257,540 $ARB allocated by Arbitrum.

The $ARB tokens are received with our multi-sig wallet on arb1: 0x3131Cc8Dcb6b88B371E0F288a13DCbD49e630B9A.

Signers of this wallet are:

  • 0x8C246Fc819A91F19E6B56dd9a7970752D5b889F6
  • 0x74cF2e69f46d43dD5D14b1dbd03858d4698F7e7d
  • 0xc5342CD71f67DAc44Bcfbc37df35700b5e4691e6

As a long-term buidler of the Arbitrum community, Mask Network supported Arbitrum as part of the multi-chain wallet since 2022, users could display assets using the Mask Network extension. Mask Network would like to congratulate Arbitrum on its token launch and explore more possibilities about the decentralized social with Arbitrum.

The $ARB tokens allocated to the Mask Network DAO will be used to support our community and the buidl of amazing dapps. We will post another announcement in regards to the details of how the $ARB tokens will be allocated.