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Blooming together with Lens Protocol, Mask Network invites its community member to join a decentralized, non-custodial social graph


Mask Network is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Lens Protocol, a composable and decentralized social graph.

The need and prospect for web3 social networks are growing. This trend toward a more open, transparent social graph — where digital data, audience, and content assets could be owned by users — benefits creators, developers, and many more.

Mask Network and Lens Protocol have a shared vision, and we are ready to show such a vision on the product level.

In the future, we look to collaborate closely together and move forward with the product integration from both sides; by bringing and leveraging Lens’ composability and open-source code, Mask Network will enable users to follow, like, mirror Lens content on top of Mask’s major products such as the browser extension and our upcoming Web3 info-feed mobile app.

Speaking about more potential collaborations — — with the possible integration with Next.ID, the Decentralized-Identity-as-a-Service (DIaaS) provider of Mask Network, will make Web3 a native and smooth social experience combined with Web2, providing users with approaches to seamlessly cross-post on RSS3, Lens, Twitter, etc…

To kick off this collaboration, Lens Protocol will give out ~3,000 Lens handles to the Mask Network community. Active community members of Mask Network will be eligible to claim a profile handle. You can check if your wallet address is on the active member list here.

The list includes:

  • Addresses that have interacted with finance dApps on Mask extension multiple times
  • Holders of Mask’s past event POAP(s)
  • Holders of MaskOn PFP (our community-initiated NFT project) as of July 19th
  • Addresses that are eligible to claim 5+ OATs in Mask past events

Eligible users may claim at: https://claim.lens.xyz/

Apart from existing active members, Mask Network has also been granted 500 Lens handles for other members of the Mask Network community. 500 lucky members who have verified their accounts with Mask Network will be able to get a claimable Lens handle. We will announce the winners list on our Twitter @realMaskNetwork.

To flourish this beautiful garden for the Mask community members and Lens bloomers, we wish to plant more seeds full of potential and excitement for the future-generation social network.

About Lens Protocol

The Lens Protocol is a decentralized, non-custodial social graph. Lens implements unique, on-chain social interaction mechanisms analogous to commonly understood Web2 social media interactions, but significantly expanded with unique functionality that empowers communities to form and participants to own their own social graph.