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Mask Network receives strategic investment from Hard Yaka


Mask Network has received a strategic investment from Hard Yaka to build foundations in strategic development in the future.

Hard Yaka is founded by Greg Kidd. Kidd was not only the first-round investor and prior advisor of Twitter, Square(Block) but also worked closely with Jack Dorsey, who recently joined the bluesky board, of which Mask Network is a founding community member.


Apart from Twitter, Kidd also served as a prior advisor at Ripple and Square, both payment and financial service providers. Greg Kidd showed his interest in the building of a portable identity and digital currencies in the projects invested. Mask Network is proud to be part of the Hard Yaka portfolio, and we are excited to build the easy-to-use portal to Web 3.0 with help from Hard Yaka.

“We love the thought that Mask can help liberate the power of Web 3.0 right on top of those tired Web 2.0 social media rails. Excited!”

— — Greg Kidd, co-founder of Hard Yaka

The product from Mask Network is constantly bringing new features to users. In the Mask 2.0 update that took place last year, Mask Network introduced the “MaskID” that aims to help users aggregate their identities on both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Mask’s discovery of DID aligns with Kidd’s personal interest, with the help from Hard Yaka, we hope to take user identification among Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 worlds to a whole new level.

“Everything that exists in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 that can represent you, will be brought together in one place.”

— — Suji Yan, Founder and CEO of Mask Network

Mask Network sincerely appreciates the support from Hard Yaka, not only for their capital and technical backing but also for the support with valuable experience in relevant fields. Mask Network cherishes the recognition from both parties, and with the help from them, we are looking forward to meeting more users in the open, free cyberspace.

About Hard Yaka

Hard Yaka is a community of builders, visionaries, and risk takers dedicated to inclusion and access, individual ownership and control, and the reimagining of an internet built on open protocols — from self-sovereign identity to DeFi and beyond.