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Mask Network Roadmap 2022: Instagram Integration, New Launches & MaskDAO


Mask Network Roadmap for 2022 and beyond

The big news first: Mask Network is building a Web3 dApplet store directly on Web2. This dApplet store allows any content to be seamlessly integrated, displayed, or interacted with on existing social media platforms, enabling users to send encrypted messages, trade cryptocurrencies, and even interact with DeFi and NFTs over popular Web2 social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Since Mask Network’s inception, we have been trying to attract the billions of existing Web 2.0 users into Web 3.0 (we have cookies!). The crypto community has been increasingly taking note of our activities, especially after the introduction of the Mask Network browser extension. With Vitalik and other crypto leaders’ support, we are confident that Mask is on the right track.

There are three basic principles that will be important in getting more people into Web 3.0:

  1. User experience: We are creating a level of user experience that parallels or exceeds the best that Web2 has to offer.
  2. Invest in the future: Bringing billions into Web 3.0 requires a continuous stream of Web3 killer apps. We will create an open and supportive environment for the discovery, empowerment, and generation of traffic to the projects that are building these killer apps.
  3. A guarantee: Of user privacy, equality in opportunity, fairness in access, and freedom of interpretation.

Building a strong ecosystem

We see Mask Network as the global bridge connecting Web2 and Web3. It is fundamentally a public good - just like Ethereum.

Therefore, the team is guiding the future development of the Mask layer in a decentralized model like Ethereum’s. With this in mind, the focus of the core team shifts towards the continuous development of core functionalities within the Mask Network extension to better fulfill its principal mission.

We will fund teams who have proven track records of translating brilliant ideas into killer dApps, while simultaneously improving the experiences of builders, users and anyone else who wants to use Mask Network to bring users to Web3.

Through selective funding, we have already supported several innovative Web3 projects that have more than 700,000 users between them. This includes Transak, a KYC-free on-ramp solution that enables the direct purchase of tokens via credit card for more than 30 different fiat currencies. Transak has already been integrated to Mask Network’s core functionality so users can purchase tokens seamlessly directly on Twitter.

Mask Network is chain-agnostic and has been integrating chains such as BSC in order to provide as wide a coverage in as simple an integration as possible for developers. While most popular dApps are based on Ethereum, other chains serve as dedicated Layer 2s for specific areas of innovation.

This is one version of the future where ETH 2.0 will be complemented by a network of chains. To prepare for that possibility, we aim to make our core functions such as payments/Red Packet chain-agnostic, and eventually cross-chain.

Mask Network’s model for success

Mass adoption happens when Mask Network is able to convince the average Web2 user - not just the DeFi degens - to stick around. We believe the mass adoption of crypto and blockchains is most readily achieved through NFTs, which will be able to leverage Intellectual Property monetization and multimedia content creation such as gaming, arts, and entertainment.

These multi-sensory content formats have much broader mass appeal than DeFi or other blockchain technology content. Therefore, supporting and attracting builders with a variety of ideas and backgrounds become crucial to our continued success.

Most importantly, we are building a better version of the internet. To be clear, we are not tearing down the walls of Web2, but we are changing it for the better. We want to ensure user-friendliness while creating a public good that respects the privacy of people, protects the security of people’s data and funds, and gives the freedom of interpretation back to all internet users.

Mask Network Roadmap for 2022

What we have done so far:

  • Mask Network on the web browser and iOS device
  • Lucky Drops (previously known as Red Packets)
  • File transfers
  • ITO (Initial Twitter Offering)
  • MaskBox (NFT launchpad)
  • Strategic partnerships with ecosystem projects
  • Multi-Chain Integration. We currently support
    • Ethereum mainnet
    • BNB Chain
    • Polygon
    • Arbitrum
    • xDai/Gnosis
    • Fantom
    • Solana
    • Avalanche
    • Aurora
    • Flow

Mask Network Plans for 2022

  • Instagram integration
  • Optimization of Facebook & Minds.com
  • Improve and develop social graph functionalities
  • Launch Next.ID, a digital identity system developed by Mask Network
  • Launch Mask Network ecosystem fund with strategic investors (will reveal soon)
  • Integrating dapps through community bounties, to support the Mask Network ecosystem growth
  • Adding greater multichain support
  • DAO voting and Forum and exploring an efficient governance model

Mask Network’s long-term mission

  • Co-creating the MaskDAO, where anyone who is or wants to become a strong holder or strong contributor of - $MASK can participate and be organized into a highly efficient self-governing builder and trading community
  • Strategic Investment with projects in relevant fields - SocialFi, DeFi, metaverse, GameFi, etc. Our strategic investment fund now is one of the largest investors in the Web3 social space, largely enhancing the ecosystem of Mask Network.