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Ideamarket × Mask Network: Announcing Ideamarket $IMO Airdrop plan with Mask Community!


Mask Network is thrilled to announce a partnership with Ideamarket, the literal marketplace for ideas, and Mask Network is proud to participate in Ideamarket’s airdrop plan, as they launch their token $IMO on 2nd February 2022.

Ideamarket was launched in February 2021 and is a dApp live on Arbitrum that aims to create public narratives without trusted middlemen while incentivizing veracity in the information that bombards us 24/7. Ideamarket recognized that the process for creating public knowledge hasn’t changed in centuries — authority manufactures certainty and enforces it. From Ancient kings and emperors, the church in Galileo’s time, to the media and scientific establishment today. Therefore, they tried to create a system, or a market that could be used to decide what deserves public credibility, and make credibility increasingly expensive to fake. In short, Ideamarket wants to “make lying expensive.”

Ideamarket’s vision aligns well with that of Mask Network’s aim to make data autonomy accessible to all. Ideamarket will be integrated on the Mask Network as a dapplet, allowing users to view credibility ratings of accounts and measure earnings in proportion to their trust score on mainstream social networks.

Ideamarket is also initiating a generous airdrop to Mask Network users and has reserved 250,000 $IMO tokens for 250 Mask Network active members of the community, Each user will get 1,000 $IMO. Please check the details below:

To be eligible for the airdrop, first, users need to read this Typeform and fill in the necessary information before 15:00 (UTC), 31st January 2022.

Among those who have filled the Typeform, active members of the Mask Network community (hold at least 2 POAP(s)/NFT(s)* from marketing events) and early builders of Mask Network will be eligible for the airdrop. Please check the list of active community members and early builders here.

If the wallet address is not listed above, then the airdrop spots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who hold one POAP/NFT* from Mask Network marketing events. Mask Network will publish the list of eligible users for Ideamarket airdrop on February 1st, 2022.

Users who are eligible for the airdrop would need to visit the claim form will be on ideamarket.io under the $IMO tab, which will go live on February 2nd.

*POAP and NFT refers to the following collections: New Year Exclusive (POAP & NFT); MASK Christmas; WEB3 WARRIORS; Mask 2.0 Bug Bounty; US 2020 Election NFT