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PhantaBear × MaskBox: Check out PHANTACi-themed NFTs \U0001F440


Since its initial launch, MaskBox has received huge attention from the community. In the recent sale with Matrix Lands, 30 1×1 Lands were sold out in a few minutes. Now, MaskBox is kicking off the year 2022 with Ezek, and will sell 60 Phanta Bear in the upcoming event.

Ezek launched its PHANTACi NFT sale on the first day of 2022, the NFT collection is named “Phanta Bear.” 3000 Phanta Bears was sold 5 minutes after the launch (the collection has 10000 bears in total), and 5 hours after the launch, the collection became top 6 in 24-hour trading value on OpenSea. PHANTACi is the fashion brand created by Jay Chou (one of the most famous pop singers in Asia) and his friend Ric in 2006. Jay Chou, his wife Hannah Quinlivan, and actor/martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme have all changed their Instagram profile picture into a bear with NFTs from this collection. Ezek is discovering the experience that combines both pop culture and the emerging conceptual metaverse. In the future, the Phanta Bear NFT could be the key to many events that will take place in the metaverse.

Please check the details of the sale:

  • Start time: January 5th, 13:00 PM (UTC); the sale ends once it’s sold out
  • Where: https://twitter.com/realMaskNetwork
  • Price: 0.26 ETH/Bear
  • The total amount for sale: 60
  • Eligibility: Need to hold ≥ 100 $MASK on Ethereum mainnet while purchasing

How to Participate:

*See the tutorial here

  1. Please make sure you have installed the Mask Network extension and set up the wallet that you will use for the purchase.
  2. Visit @realMaskNetwork, the tweet will be released by the time the sale begins.
  3. Make sure you switched your network to “Ethereum Mainnet

*All pictures are for reference only

4. After the sale begins, click “Confirm Risk Warning” and read relevant risk confirmation.

All pictures are for reference only

5. Click “Confirm” if you have read and are aware of the risk.

*All pictures are for reference only

6. If you are eligible for the sale, you can click “Draw” to purchase it

*All pictures are for reference only

*If you are not eligible for the sale, the page will show “You must hold at least xxx $MASK.” You are required to hold 100 $MASK to participate.

_*You are required to hold 100 $MASK to participate, a_ll pictures are for reference only

7. Confirm it in the pop-up window

*All pictures are for reference only

8. The mystery box is successfully drawn! Click “Share” and share it with your friends!

*All pictures are for reference only