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Matrix World × MaskBox: the first NFT Mystery Box purchase on Twitter


Mask Network has been trying to carve an easier path for users to play with NFTs and the Web 3.0 world. One of Mask’s most well-known features — Initial Twitter Offering (ITO), has brought a well-known concept in the Web 3.0 world upon the mainstream social media network and has gained much attention.

The popularity of ITO has inspired us, that there are much more things that could be achieved on Twitter. In the year 2021, the concept of NFT was a huge hit, and Mask Network has launched many new features accordingly: display the NFTs one owns on their Twitter profile page using the “Web3” tab; set Twitter profile pic with an NFT they own and show others it is verified with a badge, etc. These features help mainstream social media users to get a glimpse into the world of NFTs and Web 3.0. But that’s not everything. On top of that, we want to do something similar to ITO, but much bolder: we want to sell NFT Mystery Boxes on Twitter. Users who installed Mask extension and have finished relevant settings will be able to purchase and share the NFT mystery box on Twitter with a few clicks.

Mask Network has partnered with Matrix World and will sell 30 Matrix Lands (size 1x1) in various locations. Matrix World is a decentralized open virtual world, a programmable 3D multichain metaverse. The 3 rounds of Matrix World pre-sale have been an enormous hit, 10,000 Lands in the pre-sale have all sold out.

Please check the details of the sale:

  • Start Time: Dec. 24th, 1:00 PM (UTC)
  • End Time: Dec. 24th, 2:00 PM (UTC)
  • Where: https://twitter.com/realMaskNetwork
  • Price: 0.2 ETH / land
  • The total amount for sale: 30
  • Eligibility: Need to hold ≥ 300 $MASK on Ethereum mainnet while purchasing

How to Participate:

*See the tutorial here

  1. Please make sure you have installed the Mask Network extension and set up the wallet that you will use for the purchase.
  2. Visit @realMaskNetwork, the tweet will be released by the time the sale begins.
  3. Make sure you switched your network to “Ethereum Mainnet

4. After the sale begins, click “Confirm Risk Warning” and read relevant risk confirmation.

5. Click “Confirm” if you have read and are aware of the risk.

6. If you are eligible for the sale, you can click “Draw” to purchase it

*If you are not eligible for the sale, the page will show “You must hold at least 300 $MASK”

7. Confirm it in the pop-up window

8. The mystery box is successfully drawn! Click “Share” and share it with your friends!