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MaskTalk EP1: Gaming Industry in the Web 3.0 era


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  • Jihoz, the co-founder and growth lead of Axie Infinity.
  • Suji Yan, the CEO & founder of Mask Network.
  • D (Special Guest), years of experiences of entertainment and ecosystem investment for a major gaming company.

Jihoz provided a brief introduction on Axie Infinity:

The core idea behind Axie is to introduce the world to something that’s new, exciting but a little bit scary — blockchain — through something that’s fun, relatable, and a little bit nostalgic. So Axie is a fantasy digital pet. You can battle them, you can collect them. But the secret sauce is that we’ve used NFT technology and crypto to really empower our players and give them more control over the in-game economy. So 95% of all in-game spend goes to our player base, and basically, this is a new model where rather than taking a hundred percent of all the revenue generated by the game, we’re only taking a small sliver of that as the game developers and this basically creates economic freedom and property rights within our game.