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$MASK Token Unlock Details (March 2021)


It has been nearly a month since the official launch of the $MASK token, we appreciate your active participation in our ITO and LBP. After some careful consideration, we are ready to release the allocation of $MASK token and the progress of unlocking at each stage.

Please referto:


See the table below for $MASK token first unlock (March 29th, 2021) details:

  • A total of 10,913,333 $MASK, 10.91% of the total supply will be circulating after the first month unlock (March, 2021) . 9% has been circulating for the first month. 1.91% will be released this time.
  • Of the 1.91% released this time, 1.1% comes from the foundation, 0.81% comes from the investors. The foundation part, though unlocked, will still be held by us until further notice. So the effective unlock will only be 0.81%.
  • Based on the current price of $MASK, the 0.81% newly released tokens are worth $11,340,000 (assume $14 per $MASK), which is less than 20% of the daily trading volume of $MASK.

We’ll keep updating the latest information about the $MASK token release, please stay tuned for our official announcements!