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DEGO x Mask Network | Build the NFT Entrance in Web 3.0


Cross-chain NFT and DeFi protocol DEGO Finance has reached a strategic partnership with the Web 3.0 product Mask Network. Both parties will conduct further conversation on the development of NFT on traditional social media platforms, how to bring users more value, and build a NFT entrance in Web 3.0 .

DEGO Finance is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure. Mask Network and DEGO Finance has reached an in-depth agreement in discovering how to land NFT's functionality and finance characteristics. Through this cooperation, both parties will work together in fields such as NFT blind boxes, games, and social networks. Users will be able to conduct NFT creation, collection, buying and selling on Twitter, all with a few clicks.

As the bridge that connects Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, Mask Network also pays great attention to the NFT field. During the U.S. election in 2020, we have introduced "the Mask Network Election Special NFTs" and delivered 589 NFTs on Twitter.

For more details on "Mask Network Election Special NFTs", see below:

Introducing the Mask Network Election Special NFTs


Through the special NFT launch and the cooperation with DEGO Finance, we want to show that the transfer and display of NFT can be easily realized on centralized platforms such as Twitter. This is also why Mask Network exists, to keep integrating the boundaries between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

About DEGO Finance

DEGO Finance is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol & infrastructure, as well as an open NFT ecosystem where anyone can mint NFTs, initiate NFT mining, auctions and trading.

DEGO Finance also offers a cross-chain infrastructure to enable Blockchain projects to grow their user base, distribute tokens, and to develop more diverse NFT-powered applications. DEGO Finance is building a Parachain through Substrate, enabling cross-chain NFT asset transfers, combining applications and underlying protocols.

About Mask Network

Mask Network creates a decentralized application ecosystem, builds a bridge that connects Web 2.0(the existing internet) and Web 3.0(the new, open internet) for thousands of millions of users, so they could transition seamlessly. Its core function is information transmission encryption, with new functions continuously being created around this foundation. Mask Network integrates decentralized social messaging, borderless payment network, decentralized file storage, decentralized finance and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), to help users protect their privacy, data, assets, and rights on traditional social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Mask Network advocates users to value and hold authority on their data privacy and personal assets. We at Mask Network are strong believers in the ownership economy. People should own what they produce, people should own their data, their attention and the virtual space they choose to contribute to.