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$MASK Airdrop Round 1


As of February 26th, 2021, $MASK initial public offering through ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) and LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) has been a major success. We have been deeply touched by the support and enthusiasm of our community. You have walked with us through all the tribulations and airdrop is our way of saying thank you. Below is the detail of round one airdrop:

We have announced all the addresses that are eligible for round one airdrop and the respective amount and distribution of the airdrop in our previously published article “Introducing the $MASK Public Twitter Offering”. Meanwhile, users who have successfully purchased $MASK in ITO round 3 on February 24th, 2021 will also receive $MASK in airdrop round one. Originally we were airdropping 1.06 million $MASK to 15.9k addresses. Now with the success addresses from the ITO round 3, we are airdropping 1.86 million $MASK to 16.8k addresses.

Airdrop details for the success addresses from the ITO round 3 are as followed:

If airdropped $MASK weren’t claimed in 24 hours, the claimable amount will be decreased by 20% of initial amount everyday.

  1. Every address which has successfully purchased 1111 $MASK will receive an airdrop in the amount of 889 $MASK.
  2. If the purchase amount is less than 1111, then the airdrop will be proportional to the amount they have purchased. For instance, if you had purchased 111 $MASK, then the airdrop would be 88.9 $MASK.

Locked $MASK token from round one airdrop and ITO campaign can be claimed starting 3:00am, UTC+0 on February 27th, 2021:

  1. If airdropped $MASK weren’t claimed in 24 hours, the claimable amount will be decreased by 20% of initial amount everyday until it reaches 0, which is to say, at the end of the fifth day, the claimable amount will be 0.
  2. $MASK acquired during ITO will always be available for claiming without any penalties.


  1. Please beware of the risk of the crowded service. Try to claim during low traffic time so as to reduce the chance of any convenience during the claiming process.
  2. Make sure to NOT send fund to $MASK token contracts. Mask Network team will not be responsible for any resulting losses.
  3. Before claiming $MASK, make sure to bind your wallet to Mask Chrome Extension and have enough ETH as gas for a successful claiming.
  4. Any addresses that have interacted with $MASK ITO contracts will be listed for round two airdrop. Stay tuned for more details about round two airdrop! (Keep track of official Twitter or Discord!)

Claiming your $MASK guide:

  1. Bind your wallet that is eligible for airdrop with Mask Chrome Extension.
  2. Click on the top left blue button that has “MASK” on it.
  3. Click on “Claim” to claim your $MASK! (Ninjas won’t forget gas fees!)