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Cyber Galz × MaskBox: Get Your CyberGalz Vending Machine(s) Now!

After the successful sale of Matrix Lands and PhantaBear, we are proud to announce the upcoming MaskBox sale with Cyber Galz.

Cyber Galz is a gynoid NFT content and P2E game platform for cyberpunk and sci-fi enthusiasts. Cyber Galz aims to create a sci-fi metaverse playground that provides various forms of Cyber Galz content from digital art collections, comics, films, and P2E games.

The Galz NFT features customization via a crafting solution, and Galz NFT holders can customize their NFTs by changing a combination of NFT attributes. Cyber Galz just had its genesis mint on Jan 23rd and plans to publish its NFT-featured content including new webcomics episodes and on-/off-line events and launch P2E games later this year.

The MaskBox sale will be selling 100 Cyber Galz Vending Machines on Ethereum mainnet. Cyber Galz Vending Machines can be transferred to Immitable X (IMX) and used to generate a Cyber Galz NFT.

Each Galz NFT will have 4 fixed attributes (skin, eyes, mouth, body modification) and 6 changeable attributes (weapon, clothing, background, hair, facewear, ???) so that each NFT will be unique.

Do you enjoy the endless possibilities of Cyber Galz? Participate in the sale and get your vending machine!

Please check the details of the sale:


How to participate:

*See the tutorial here

  1. Please make sure you have installed the Mask Network extension and set up the wallet that you will use for the purchase.
  2. Visit @realMaskNetwork, the tweet will be released by the time the sale begins.
  3. Make sure you switched your network to “Ethereum Mainnet

*All pictures are for reference only

4. After the sale begins, click “Confirm Risk Warning” and read relevant risk confirmation.

*All pictures are for reference only

5. Click “Confirm” if you have read and are aware of the risk.

*All pictures are for reference only

6. If you are eligible for the sale, you can click “Draw” to purchase it

*All pictures are for reference only

*If you are not eligible for the sale, the page will show “You must hold at least xxx $MASK.” You are required to hold 1 $MASK to participate.

You are required to hold 1 $MASK to participate, all pictures are for reference only

7. Confirm it in the pop-up window

*All pictures are for reference only

8. The mystery box is successfully drawn! Click “Share” and share it with your friends!

*All pictures are for reference only

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