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WE WANT YOU! Join Mask 2.0 Beta Test, Win Bug Bounties!

The Mask extension is about to go through some major updates. The Mask 2.0 is finally here!

We have talked about Mask 2.0 at many Townhall meetings, and all the amazing features will be with us shortly. We hereby sincerely invite our users to get a sneak peek of Mask 2.0 by joining our beta test. The Mask 2.0 bug bounty program has started accordingly. Win rewards from trying out new features, getting familiar with the features, spotting bugs, or giving improvement suggestions!

Who can participate?

How to participate?

What kind of rewards will I get?

Bug Bounty Details

We will categorize bugs eligible for bounty rewards into Suggestions and Bugs.


Suggestions include but are not limited to front-end display error, plugin cards rendering/loading error, UI displacements, and other suggestions that do not jeopardize daily usage but may improve user experience.

*Each beta-test participant can earn up to 200 $USDT bounty rewards for bringing up useful suggestions.

Technical bugs

Technical bugs include but are not limited to: security vulnerabilities report or improvement reports

* The Mask Network developer team reserves the right to define and categorize all bugs and issues submitted.

Terms of services

  1. The main purpose of Mask 2.0 Bug Bounty is to help Mask Network identify potential issues and risks that may impact the user experience.
  2. Mask Network will give rewards to users who are eligible for the bounty prize in Polygon (Matic) transactions. The details are listed above, and the specific size of bounty reward will be given by the Mask Network developer team after their thorough assessment. Each bug or suggestion may receive a different value of bounty reward.
  3. If unusual bug submission activities are detected, Mask Network reserves the right to disqualify that specific user to participate in Beta Test and to refuse making bounty reward payment.
  4. Mask Network reserves the right to define and categorize bugs and issues submitted by Beta Test participants and reserves the right to refuse to make bounty reward payments to Beta Test users.

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