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We Are Online: The Mask Forum is Here

Mask Forum, the new discussion platform for the Mask Network community, is now online. Mask Forum will be a key opinion-exchange platform for Mask Network users and will play a key role in the governance and operation of the MaskDAO.

MaskDAO is a DAO formed by $MASK holders. By participating in forum discussions, DAO members express their thoughts on relevant topics and make decisions accordingly. The total number of previous votes has now surpassed 200M $MASK, showing the enthusiasm community member has in DAO governance. The DAO governance requires a huge amount of communication, therefore a good communication platform is vital.

Community discussions for Mask Network users have always been scattered around various platforms. The communication barrier between members is high, and the efficiency of communication is also affected. After the Mask Forum goes online, it will become the new home of community communication, bringing together people from different regions and cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages, but share the same identity: they are all Mask Network community members.

Click here to visit Mask Forum.

The Mask Forum will consist following categories: News & Announcements, General, Development &Technical, Products & Features, Proposals, and Knowledge Base.

English will be the main language of the Mask Forum, and the support of other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) will be available soon. Apart from the daily discussion and communications, there will be regular updates of long articles.

Visit the Mask Forum, write topic discussions, express your thoughts, and participate in the governance of DAO. Mask Network team members will show up. We look forward to the exchange of ideas and thoughts of our community members.

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