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Call for Papers of The Web of Phronesis

While capitalism seems to be generally frustrated with the global spread of the Covid-19, surveillance capitalism has secretly risen with the virus explosion. In the name of security, a centralized digital regime with unchallengeable legitimacy power is now strictly monitoring people, which seems to bring about an information centralized online society.

“The Web of Phronesis” is thinking in this situation: Aristotle indicates that the phronesis (wisdom of praxis) produced by praxis can lead people to aletheuein and to achieve the solicitous circumspection. It means that there should be phronesis to manage the use of techne, so that the techne has major flaws in revealing the alethea (truth) but outside of itself could be made the best use of. According to this, we assume that to take the thought (with action) as the starting point of the techne production would construct the future of humans under the Covid-19 state of emergency, because the starting point could trigger discussions that go beyond proliferation and concentration of global technology, then fork futures.

In the previous Annual Conferences “Forces of Reticulation” (2016), “Another Walk with Lefebvre: Critique of Urbanism and Everyday Life in the Algorithmic Age” (2017), “Intelligent Urban Fabric” (2018) and “Neitizen21: Beyond Personal Account” (2019), we connected worldwide scholars and activists to construct criticism toward current network society and explore a network of practices together.

This year, in addition to the workshop and the four panels, we also call for young scholars and activists worldwide to submit papers on the five topics, and present their latest research and practices in “Young Scholars Forum”.

The Fifth Annual Conference of Network Society includes:

WestLake Mesh Network Workshop

In the end of October, Dweb Shanghai will lead the applicants to set up a wireless mesh network around the West Lake. The workshop will be open to the public. The applicants can either directly help build this network onsite or come up with the potential usage on top of it. This workshop will last two days. The open call for workshop proposals will launch in a short run.

Special Panel I. Radical Market

In this panel, we would like to trigger debates on the market, technology, national policies and free competition, seeking to reverse the inequality, especially reduced productivity, stagnation and conflicts, generated by capitalism. Cooperating with the World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS), the panel will be a part of the “Part 6.: Crisis| Introspection” of the Inter-World View at CAA. The part 6. will be held on Oct. 20 in Hangzhou. There should be hundreds of scientists and artists attending the discussion at that time.

Panel II. Internet Archive

History is a filter and a narrative truth about the past. The truths could always be footnotes to the facts, quarantined by the social reality of the time and the present. Since the establishment of the Internet Archive in 1996, information generated by the Internet has far exceeded the total amount of human history. Today, digitized files and metadata records have become the main issue of art museums and galleries. Under this circumstance, to preserve, to record and to file human civilization are critical challenges to technicalize and to externalize human history.

Panel III. Decentralized Web(DWeb)

Is the Internet ruled by oligarchies sick? How to create an Internet in which inclusive love could stand, publicness would be compatible with privacy, and everyone is welcomed? We want to shift those centralized forces back to the users, the real participant in the existing Internet. In this panel, The practitioners of Decentralized Web will be invited to share their experiences on architecting in the atlas of the future which has already taken place.

Panel IV. Crypto-ist

Although to ensure one’s privacy and security on the internet are basic human rights, the monopoly and the algorithmic improvement of social media are now preventing the netizens from seizing back their lost human rights. To help netizens retake online privacy and security needs revolutions on both economy and society. Gladly we found that there are plenty of technologies prepared for this revolution that have progressed substantially in the past decade, including public key encryption, end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge proof, and plenty of software protocols that are used in interactions, authentications and verifications. We are aiming to achieve the ultimate possibilities within the existing social system.

Topics of Interest for Submission: Empirical research paper or practice report of Chinese local context under the four panel topics.

1.Mesh Network

2.Radical Market

3.Internet Archive

4.Decentralized Web(Dweb)


Because of Covid-19, gatherings in CAA are required to be decreased this year. If you are not in China, we will apply necessary materials and technological support in the course of your preparation to theonline speeches. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the conference.

Submission Guideline

1.Please submit your paper or report to:[email protected]

2.Submission email title: “Paper for The Web of Phronesis: the topic you would like to submit to”

3.Submission email should include:

- name of the author(s)

- category of the paper: research paper or practice report (choose one)

- abstract within 500 words and 5 keywords

- language of presentation: Chinese or English (choose one)

4.The paper should follow APA 6 format.

5.The paper should be written in Chinese or English. For those who submit English abstracts, please provide Chinese edition after the conference for publication usage.

Abstract submission deadline: September 20, 2020

Abstract acceptance notification: October 1, 2020

Full paper submission deadline: November 10, 2020

Conference date: October 20,2020;November 20-22, 2020

\Young Scholars Forum:November 20-22,2020

Conference venue: Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Important information for submitter:

1.The organizer will not provide accommodation and transportation fee during the conference days. Please arrange for your visit beforehand.

2.For submitters who fail to send the full paper before deadline (November 10), the organizer could cancel their chance to present and publish the paper.

3.There is no registration fee for the conference. The content of the conference will be assembled in the full text for the official publication so that the latest findings and results can be widely spread. No further payment for the paper will be offered.

4.Should you have any questions, please donot hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]

Conference organizer:

Institute of Network Society (INS), School of Inter-Media Art, China Academy of Art.

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