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DWeb Shanghai Kick-off

DWeb Shanghai is a branch of the global DWeb. The goal is to bring together local developers, designers, travelers, musicians, mathematicians, or any like-minded people who have their thinking about the existing Internet and work together towards a better Internet.

Now the Internet is no longer a free and open place. More and more services are monopolized by giants. We no longer have our privacy. As our relationship with the Internet becomes closer and closer, we also gradually lose almost all our rights. To this end, we ,together with DWeb in various countries and cities around the world, want to put forward our ideas to change this situation, and strive to achieve. What decentralization brings to us is secure. The distributed storage of data on servers around the world can help us effectively prevent Internet giants from controlling us. A new decentralized network will give users unprecedented Rights and tools to protect your privacy data from being violated.

Our mission is to listen to everyone’s voices, and use our technology to help realize your ideas and suggestions for the existing Internet, and pass such voices to more people to build the real Internet in our minds.

Activity details

At 14:00 on September 28, 2019, we will hold our first DWeb Shanghai party on the 2nd floor of Building B, Changyang Chuanggu (No. 1687 Changyang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai)! In this first gathering, we warmly welcome everyone from different backgrounds to participate and share their views and opinions on the current Internet, and discuss how to improve and maintain the new Internet.


DWeb Shanghai





Activity process

Part 1


Yisi Liu ( CTO )


The relationship between Yisi liu and Dweb and why he wanted to set up DWeb Shanghai in Shanghai.

Part 2


Wendy Hanamura

Joachim Lohkamp

Wendy Hanamura is from the Internet Archive and Joachim Lohkamp is from Jolocom. Both of them are the sponsors of the DWeb community. For this event, they will share their stories with DWeb Shanghai via video.

Part 3

Lightning Talk

Participants from different fields will share their indissoluble bond with distributed networks.

Part 4


What do you think about the privacy issues that are happening now? What should we do to solve these problems?

Part 5


How to conduct DWeb Shanghai’s offline activities in the future, and explore potential projects that DWeb Shanghai can carry out.

Let’s meet and discuss our ideal Internet!

See you all on Saturday!

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